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Feb 27, 2023

When it comes to Diversity and Inclusion, one hidden bias continues to hold businesses back: linguistic bias. This hidden bias affects much more than just non-offensive language, influencing the way we judge people from the moment they open their mouths.

Where do these biases come from? How do they hinder hiring and...

Feb 13, 2023

What are the triggers that make you boiling mad? Do you notice what happens to you and the voices in your head when you feel like someone doesn’t understand you or does something “against” you? Do you want people to see and appreciate you for who you really are?  


And how do we authentically become fully aware...

Feb 2, 2023

As Raquel traveled back to Germany from visiting her family, she brought along stories that spoke volumes of her purpose in life – practicing and being surprised by our listening superpower. Reflecting on a routine she had while traveling as a younger person, she took time to look at the window from a cloud...

Dec 31, 2022

On the shortest day of the year, known as the Winter Solstice, Raquel takes a moment to reflect on 2022.

What brought you light this year? As the days start to get longer and extend, what would you like to extend further from 2022 into 2023? 

And as we take the opportunity to reflect on the year,  how can we continue to...

Dec 23, 2022

Have you noticed how your co-workers or team seem to have difficulty listening well to each other, having different understandings of what is important? Do you want to know how you can help a group listen to what is actually emerging in discussions?


Visualize it.


In today’s episode, our guest talks about how...